July 7, 2017
Avocado for good health

Top Biotin Benefits: Beautifies Skin, Increases Hair Growth, Stronger Nails

Biotin is part of the B Vitamin group that is 100% vegetarian and has a significant role within the body. Biotin is a vital nutrient for healthy skin, and healthy hair and nail growth. Biotin supports the production of fatty acids which increases healthy cell production, increases the bulb size of hair follicles which helps […]
March 14, 2017
Cellulite Physiology and Treatment

Cellulite Physiology and Treatment

Cellulite is the alteration of skin, topically described as the ‘dimpling’ appearance of thighs, buttocks, and sometimes the upper arms and lower abdomen of women. Nearly 85 percent of women, will develop some form of cellulite. Rarely observed in males; however, those affected by cellulite are typically due to deficient male hormones. What is Cellulite? […]
February 25, 2017
Effective Hair Growth Vitamins - Stop Hair Thinning Naturally

Hair Growth: Stop Hair Thinning Naturally

Losing hair is often an experience that exudes a variety of emotions. Often there is no known reason for why the hair is thinning. This can cause fear over the uncertainty of how much hair  is going to lost and a lack of knowledge of how to get their hair to stop falling out. Hair […]
February 23, 2017
Study Affirms Why Cocaine Use Leads to Unsafe Sex

Study Confirms Why Cocaine Use Leads to Unsafe Sex

Cocaine usage has been associated to high rates of impulsive behavior, including unprotected sex. Cocaine is a stimulant and the effects of the drug induce feelings of euphoria, heightened energy and hyper-alertness.  Through a study funded by grants from the National Institute of Drug Abuse, Johns Hopkins researchers were able to conduct a study of […]
January 21, 2017
Sedentary Physical Activity

Sedentary Physical Activity May Advance Aging

According to Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, elderly women whose physical activity is sedentary, sitting for longer than 10 hours per day, cells are biologically aged by eight years than elderly women that are more physically active. In a study, published on January 18 by the American Journal of […]
January 13, 2017
Health Benefits Of Natural Herbs

Natural Herbs: Health and Culinary Benefits

Benefits Of Natural Herbs: Natural herbs helps purify one's mind, body and soul. From spicing up your taste buds to make home remedies, natural herbs are of various benefits. The scientific world looks up on them, from the perspective of the health benefits and detoxification that they provide. But why should one incorporate Natural Herbs? Basil […]
January 13, 2017
Natural Herbal Supplements

Benefits of Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements are essentially food supplements made by using plants, fungus, herbs, shrubs and trees that are grown naturally. They are not pharmaceutical medicines. A large number of herbs and plant extracts have been used since ancient times to cure ailments as well as maintain overall health. However, many plants and herbs are harmful to […]
December 18, 2016
Eating Healthy Tips

Eating Healthy Tips and Essentials

Eating Healthy: People should also eat a wide variety of foods in order to ensure they are eating a balanced diet as well as all the essential nutrients. It is a well-known fact that eating healthy foods in the right amounts is the key to good health. This includes knowing the right amount of calories […]