Simple Squares Organic Snack Bar, Ginger, 19.2 Ounce

Simple Squares Organic Snack Bar, Ginger, 19.2 Ounce

Simple Squares Organic Snack Bar, Ginger, 19.2 Ounce

SIMPLE Squares are organic nutrition bars made with nuts, honey, vanilla, a pinch of sea salt and herbs. SIMPLE! SIMPLE Squares are actually DELICIOUS – and they’re good-for-you too so say goodbye to cardboard nutrition bars.

No wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, corn or refined sugars AND 6g of nut protein, 3g of fiber per bar.

Healthy on-the-go nutrition
SIMPLE Squares are paleo, organic, Non GMO and gluten free. They provide clean energy with only 5 ingredients. Perfect for workouts, travel, on-the-go nutrition and meal replacement.

Each box contains 12 delicious organic nutrition bars. Try one today!

Where Did The Idea For SIMPLE Squares begin?
42 days on the road failing to find healthy snack options for founder, Kimberly, is what launched the SIMPLE Squares. Faced yet another junky on-the-go snack, she cried “I can’t do it!” What if there was a way to create a healthy treat with whole foods? Experimentation ensued. Nuts, honey, vanilla, pinches of sea salt and herbs – that’s it. Thus was born, the Simple Square. They’re simple, they’re square and they’re delicious. Join our healthful journey.

Why Herbs and Spices? Herbs and spices offer a valuable time-tested way to supplement health and wellness. That’s why we enhance our nut-and-honey bars with these functional and adaptogen superfoods. Did you know…Rosemary is a natural anti-bacterial herb. Ginger improves the absorption of essential nutrients in the body.Coffee beans are filled with a variety of antioxidants. Coconut has high levels of fiber. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties. Cloves aid digestion.

$ 25.67

Simple Squares Organic Snack Bar, Ginger, 19.2 Ounce

  • Good source of fiber and low in sodium
  • Sustainable source of energy
  • No refined sugars; Sweetened with organic raw honey
  • No wheat; Gluten; Dairy; Corn or Soy; Kosher; Raw; Non-Gmo
  • No harmful fillers, preservatives or syrups (i.e. organic brown rice syrup and agave)
  • 12 Nut and Honey Sqaures infused with vanilla and herbs
  • Nuts + Honey + Vanilla + Sea Salt + Herbs = SIMPLE!
  • NO wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, corn and refined sugars
  • Paleo-friendly, Raw, Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher
  • High protein, low sodium, low sugar

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