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March 14, 2017
Cellulite Physiology and Treatment

Cellulite Physiology and Treatment

Cellulite is the alteration of skin, topically described as the ‘dimpling’ appearance of thighs, buttocks, and sometimes the upper arms and lower abdomen of women. Nearly 85 percent of women, will develop some form of cellulite. Rarely observed in males; however, those affected by cellulite are typically due to deficient male hormones. What is Cellulite? […]
October 4, 2014
Get Rid of Cellulite

Get Rid of Cellulite Now

Get rid of cellulite now! Many women across the world want the answer to this very common problem. Throughout the world there are countless remedies but do they really work? The intention of this article is to focus on remedies and treatments that have been well researched and that have been proven to work. Before […]